The E-Commerce solution for a growing audience that wants custom products


Benefits for manufacturers of branded products

Or: How do you make your business through our e-commerce solution for the future

# Let clients to customize your products in 3D Editor

# Save time and money with a efficient „Island Solution“

# Differentiate and expand your product portfolio

# Respond immediately and flexibly to each customer

# Reduce production surpluses and storage areas

# Create a new USP's for your brand

# Scale Sales and Marketing through affiliate partners

# Strengthen your retail partners to „Showrooming“ losses

# Generate relevant social media content

# Gain new customers and increase their brand loyalty



Give your customers what they want: more freedom, more design. We sell Customized products in perfect quality, the customer not only need, but simply „love“. Let your customers establish a personal relationship with your products and your brand. We offer most innovative – and intuitive – web technology. We guarantee tailor-made hi-res data for the efficient production of everything from accessories to jumbo-sized items! Every day, our marketing platform provides fresh designs by international designers, and transforms buyers into marketing partners.


  • Intuitive 3D product editor with countless features
  • Flexible management of product attributes
  • High-resolution print-ready files
  • Custom cutting to size of all-over prints for complex objects
  • Personalisation of each product with the name of the customer
  • Customer data for support and shipping

Designers & design merchants

Professional designers, premium-hotels, media-partners and other design-merchants can create their own collections, and market these as premium merchandise. The sales commission is at the digression of the designer himself. The result: Personalized limited editions for immediate purchase, with clients ranging from design lovers to future collectors and brand fetishists.


  • Presentation of design partners on our market place
  • Renumeration of design commission through Styliamo
  • Fair and legally protected handling of all copyrights

Retail & Showroom-Partner

Retailers who promote our service and our products can benefit from Styliamo! - Retailers, who are increasingly suffering from the price transparency afforded by the internet, can win back customers who would be lost forever without „show-rooming“ – and that without the risk of stocking, storage cost or other associated expenditures.


  • Presentation of multiple showrooms and events on the market place
  • Vouchers to promote customer acquisition
  • Attractive sales commissions through Styliamo
  • Automated tracking of sales provision

"If you want to rule the change - you should change some rules first."

Sometimes on-demand-production seems too complicated or much more expensive than it really is at the end. Sometimes we just have to overcome some old habits to master the challenges of the digital transformation. With our innovative technology and our distribution-services we support the entire process from design, production, marketing and sales in the most flexible and efficient way. - Partner up with us!

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